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I'm Raman Uppal, an artist living and working in London, UK. I have been practicing art all my life, with an education in Art & Design up until University. I then went on to further study in a different field, gaining a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, a degree that still allowed me to express my creativity. In 2020, I then brought my focus back on to art, and from this point is where my passion truly grew.

As much as I would like to find my own singular aesthetic, I can't box myself in to one style. I find joy in exploring a range of different aesthetics, both traditionally and digitally, continuing to input my own unique spin in each. You can see the influence from my scientific background with the use of geometric shapes and line-work in my art portfolio, giving a sort of structure to the pieces. Without this they wouldn't 'make sense' to me. I look forward to exploring this meshing of science and the arts even further in the near future.

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