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Printed on high quality 200gsm paper (matte)


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Original digitally-drawn illustration inspired by a scene from She's The Man, featuring Channing Tatum as Duke.

Unframed (frame not included)

Available in 7 sizes:

9 x 11″ (~23x28cm) [Layout 1]
11 x 14″ (~28x36cm) [Layout 1]
12 x 18" (~30x46cm) [Layout 2]
16 x 20" (~41x51cm) [Layout 1]
18 x 24" (~46x61cm) [Layout 1]
20 x 30" (~51x76cm) [Layout 2]
24 x 36" (~61x91cm) [Layout 2]

In 2 very slightly differing layouts to fit the aspect ratio correctly (seen in pics 2&3).

An alternate version of a She's The Man print can be found here

Got a film or TV show in mind that you'd like to see recreated in minimalist poster form? Send over a message and I may be able to create it, always taking requests!

She's The Man | Minimalist Film Poster Print 2