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Original contemporary painting.


Discounts are available for purchasing multiple paintings together.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information on the pieces.


Acrylic on canvas

8"x10" (20.5 x 25.4cm) - 3.8cm deep


Behind the artwork:

This series captures the feeling you get through nostalgia, the cosy comforting warmth of a fond memory.

This feeling is represented in a physical/visual form through the late glow of summer evenings, golden hour. Everything is basked in a warm orange glow, giving a sort of dream-like haze to the environment, similar to how you would recall memories.

I want this series to bring a sense of comfort and content. Rather than encouraging you to live in the past, it's more so to remind you that there has been goodness and warmth before, meaning there is only more to come.

Warm Nostalgia VII